30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild

This June we have signed up for the 30 Days Wild challenge with The Wildlife Trusts.

The goal of 30 Days Wild is to do one wild thing every day for the whole month.

This could be something as small as blowing a dandelion clock or something more adventurous like climbing a windswept mountain.

June is also one of my busiest periods at work as a teacher as it’s the month that I have to finish all of my reports.

However, that is also a great reason to commit to this challenge right now as it will ensure that we will get some quality family time outdoors each day no matter what.

The children and I have made a list of possible activities and have started mapping them out onto a monthly grid.

I am using sticky notes for now as the actual order we achieve these will depend on many factors such as the unpredictable weather and the even more unpredictable whims of my children!

Do follow our progress on Twitter and Instagram or simply search #30dayswild

Are you taking part in 30 Days Wild?  I’d love to hear how it’s going and what ideas you have for Random Acts of Wildness.

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