Day 4 – Tree spotting at Winkworth Arboretum


On Day 4 of 30 Days Wild we visited the beautiful National Trust property Winkworth Arboretum.

winkworth sign

Winkworth Arboretum is our closest National Trust property and one of our favourite places to visit.  The stunning collection of trees and shrubs ensures picturesque walks all year round


Despite the unseasonal weather, today was no exception.  Lottie and Ryan enjoyed finding and reading the wildlife information posters dotted along the paths.


We discovered some wild animal homes hidden among the magnolias.


The carved wooden animal benches provided plenty of photo opportunities.




Despite being frequent visitors to the arboretum we still marvelled at the huge variety of different trees.


The trees and fallen logs also create the perfect natural playground for climbing, jumping and swinging.


Both children love climbing trees and the benefits to them are obvious.  Tree climbing allows them to be creative in finding routes up and down and to practice their physical skills and strength.

Perhaps most importantly it also allows them to test their own limits and assess risk.

And so I shall continue to allow and encourage them to climb, even if I am occasionally watching from the bottom of the tree with my heart in my mouth!

What did you do on Day4 of 30 Days Wild?

Day 3 – Paddling in a stream & ice creams

On Day 3 of 30 Days Wild we took a trip to Shere to paddle in the stream and visit the ducks.

Shere is a beautiful English village, full of pretty old houses and little shops and cafes.

The River Tillingbourne passes straight through the village and hungry ducks congregate outside of the local ice cream parlour hoping for wafer crumbs!

We couldn’t pass up the chance to have a delicious ice cream from Shere Delights ourselves.


The children said a quick hello to the ducks and then we headed through the churchyard and out to the wilder part of the stream.

Rosie dived straight in with the sort of enthusiasm for water only a Labrador can muster.

With hopes of spotting any wildlife dashed we left the binoculars and spotters guides in the bag and followed suit.


We spent a pleasant hour exploring the stream, playing Pooh sticks from the bridge and collecting smooth pebbles.

When we arrived home we found an extra bit of Wildness in the form of a dead May Bug (aka the Common Cockchafer) on the doorstep.  Ryan was fascinated by its size and hairy appearance.


How did you spend Day 3 of 30 Days Wild?

Day 2 – Wildflowers and a farm trip

On Day 2 of 30 Days Wild we went photographing wildflowers before a farm trip to see the animals.

Our second day of 30 Days Wild started with an early morning dog walk.

We marvelled at the low clouds completely obscuring the hills and splashed in muddy puddles.

Rosie the Labrador even got into the swing of things by ‘recycling’ an abandoned football!

30 Days Wild Wildflowers Farm Trip

Lottie used this walk to photograph all of the wildflowers she could find. Once we got back home she edited them to make this picture.

30 Days Wild Wildflowers Farm Trip

We spent the rest of the day at Bocketts Farm – not technically wild but still outdoors and definitely great fun!

30 Days Wild Wildflowers Farm Trip

Bocketts Farm is a working family farm set in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

It’s one of our favourite places to visit locally, with its combination of animals and play areas.

As a result of our visit today, Ryan (5) wants to be a Llama Farmer. He already wanted to be a rockstar, so his new career choice could make for an interesting combination!

Day 1 – Wet Woodland Walk

For Day 1 of 30 Days Wild, we had a Wet Woodland Walk.

Today was wet, miserable and cold but with a dog to walk and the first of our 30 Days Wild to complete we set off to explore the local woods.

Wet Woodland Walk 30 Days Wild

The rain held off whilst we were out but we were surprised to see how much had been blown down in the winds of the previous day.

We had fun using sticks to measure and compare how deep the puddles were, competing to see who could find the longest stick and balancing on logs.

What did you get up to on Day 1 of 30 Days Wild?

30 Days Wild

This June we have signed up for the 30 Days Wild challenge with The Wildlife Trusts.

The goal of 30 Days Wild is to do one wild thing every day for the whole month.

This could be something as small as blowing a dandelion clock or something more adventurous like climbing a windswept mountain.

June is also one of my busiest periods at work as a teacher as it’s the month that I have to finish all of my reports.

However, that is also a great reason to commit to this challenge right now as it will ensure that we will get some quality family time outdoors each day no matter what.

The children and I have made a list of possible activities and have started mapping them out onto a monthly grid.

I am using sticky notes for now as the actual order we achieve these will depend on many factors such as the unpredictable weather and the even more unpredictable whims of my children!

Do follow our progress on Twitter and Instagram or simply search #30dayswild

Are you taking part in 30 Days Wild?  I’d love to hear how it’s going and what ideas you have for Random Acts of Wildness.

My Happy List

These are a few of my favourite things…in no particular order. This is my happy list.

  1. making lists
  2. getting lost in a great book
  3. bedtime snuggles with my children
  4. dresses with twirly skirts
  5. long chats with my mum and sisters
  6. almond butter
  7. sunshine
  8. the beach
  9. strong coffee
  10. checked pyjamas (at any time of day or night!)
  11. the colour turquoise
  12. fresh flowers
  13. cakes baked by my awesome sister (nicknamed Auntie Cake)
  14. having a clean house
  15. my Jo Malone perfume (Lime, Basil and Mandarin…mmm!)
  16. log fires (indoors in winter or outside on long summer evenings)
  17. fireworks
  18. live music
  19. dogs (but especially my beloved Rosie)
  20. long walks in the countryside
  21. writing in my journal
  22. giggling with my children, anytime, anywhere
  23. my Rob Ryan prints
  24. blueberries
  25. paddling in streams
  26. champagne bubbles
  27. thunderstorms
  28. big sunglasses
  29. my wedding rings and all the love they signify

What’s on your happy list? I would love to hear from you.