Day 10 – The Perils of Deforestation

On Day 10 of 30 Days Wild, Lottie practiced her persuasive writing skills to try to stop deforestation of the Rainforest.


Lottie has been really inspired by her current school topic in which she is learning about the rainforest.

As someone with a passion for both education and biological sciences it has been really exciting to see her absorb all of this new knowledge and use it in her play.

Tonight she decided to write down all of the reasons that deforestation is bad.  She worked on the piece for over an hour…even the dog fell asleep!

IMG_0926With her permission, here is Lottie’s list of ’10 Reasons to not cut the Rainforest down’

  1. By cutting the rainforests down risks your own quality of life for you and all the other animals on our planet.
  2. When you are cutting the rainforest down all the animals that live there have to move.
  3. When people cut down the Rainforest they never know what types of trees there could be, there could be trees that cure diseases that don’t have a cure like cancer.
  4. Deforestation is killing beauty, Killing animals and hurting sometimes even killing nature and plants.
  5. If we chopped all the plants and trees down we would die because we breath out what they breath in.
  6. Did you know that sometimes people chop down trees for paper which is all right if they replace it with another little or a seed but if you don’t that is being unkind to the environment.
  7. If we cut down all the plants and trees that give the forest people medicines they would die.
  8. If we cut down all the plants and trees that give the forest people food like bananas they would die.
  9. If we cut down all the plants and trees the herbivore animals will die , then the carnivore animals will die and then the forest people will die then all the rainforests in the world will be cut down and turned into land…
  10. Start counting ,by the time you reach 10, 25 acres of land would of just been cut down !!!





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