Day 13 – Geocaching

On Day 13 of 30 Days Wild we decided to try Geocaching.

Geocaching is billed as ‘the worlds largest treasure hunt’.  At its simplest, you create an account, download a free app and then search for hidden caches using a GPS or Smartphone.

The caches are hidden all over the world, and vary greatly in how easy or difficult they are to find.  Some require you to solve puzzles or clues to reveal their location and others may be part of a series of caches that will lead you on a great walk.

We decided to test Geocaching out by finding a couple of caches close to home.  By following the instructions and the hints given by other people we managed to locate them reasonably easily.


We signed the logbooks contained within the pots and returned them to where we found them.

It was great fun and definitely livened up a regular walk.  We can’t wait to start looking for them in more wild places!



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