Day 2 – Wildflowers and a farm trip

On Day 2 of 30 Days Wild we went photographing wildflowers before a farm trip to see the animals.

Our second day of 30 Days Wild started with an early morning dog walk.

We marvelled at the low clouds completely obscuring the hills and splashed in muddy puddles.

Rosie the Labrador even got into the swing of things by ‘recycling’ an abandoned football!

30 Days Wild Wildflowers Farm Trip

Lottie used this walk to photograph all of the wildflowers she could find. Once we got back home she edited them to make this picture.

30 Days Wild Wildflowers Farm Trip

We spent the rest of the day at Bocketts Farm – not technically wild but still outdoors and definitely great fun!

30 Days Wild Wildflowers Farm Trip

Bocketts Farm is a working family farm set in the beautiful Surrey countryside.

It’s one of our favourite places to visit locally, with its combination of animals and play areas.

As a result of our visit today, Ryan (5) wants to be a Llama Farmer. He already wanted to be a rockstar, so his new career choice could make for an interesting combination!

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