Day 3 – Paddling in a stream & ice creams

On Day 3 of 30 Days Wild we took a trip to Shere to paddle in the stream and visit the ducks.

Shere is a beautiful English village, full of pretty old houses and little shops and cafes.

The River Tillingbourne passes straight through the village and hungry ducks congregate outside of the local ice cream parlour hoping for wafer crumbs!

We couldn’t pass up the chance to have a delicious ice cream from Shere Delights ourselves.


The children said a quick hello to the ducks and then we headed through the churchyard and out to the wilder part of the stream.

Rosie dived straight in with the sort of enthusiasm for water only a Labrador can muster.

With hopes of spotting any wildlife dashed we left the binoculars and spotters guides in the bag and followed suit.


We spent a pleasant hour exploring the stream, playing Pooh sticks from the bridge and collecting smooth pebbles.

When we arrived home we found an extra bit of Wildness in the form of a dead May Bug (aka the Common Cockchafer) on the doorstep.  Ryan was fascinated by its size and hairy appearance.


How did you spend Day 3 of 30 Days Wild?

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