Day 7 – Elderflower Cordial

On Day 7 of 30 Days Wild we made Elderflower Cordial.

Whilst at the River Wey yesterday we noticed the delicate white blooms of elderflowers growing along the banks.  We picked a couple of heads of flowers from the wild bushes and then headed to my Mum’s garden to collect some more!

My favourite recipe for Elderflower Cordial is the River Cottage one.  This does require you to leave the flowers overnight so we actually started Day 7 on Day 6

Once home we washed the elderflowers and then put them in a bowl to steep for 24 hours with some orange and lemon zest.

Elderflower 1

The next day was a busy one with school, staff meetings and dance classes.  However once dinner was over we started our Wild Challenge for the day and set about finishing the cordial.

The first step was to strain the steeped flowers through a cloth, a job which both children enjoyed helping with.


We then added the citrus juice and the rather scary amount of sugar needed and gently brought the mixture to the boil.


Once cool we poured the cordial into ice cube trays ready to store in the freezer.  This way you can simply pop a couple of cubes into a glass of sparkling water for a cool, refreshing drink whenever you fancy it.

Elderflower 2



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