Day 8 – School trip and an evening meal outside

On Day 8 of 30 Days Wild I visited a farm with my class followed by a family dinner outside.

Today was the day of my class summer trip.  This year we went to the delightful Ladyland Farm.

LadyLand Farm is a fantastic place for educational visits.  The farm calls itself ‘The Living Classroom’ and definitely lives up to this name.

School groups are led around the farm by experienced teachers who explain many aspects of food, farming and animals in a fun and child friendly manner.  The children are able to feed and handle a great variety of animals from cows to rabbits to chicks.


The farm also has a huge amount of wildlife, from the rescued barn owls to the plethora of bees and other insects buzzing around the cottage gardens and wildflower meadows.

Whilst the trip was great fun, and everyone learnt a lot, it was also exhausting.  I decided to abandon our planned Act of Wildness for this evening (planting wildflowers seeds) and take some time to simply enjoy being outside.

The weather was glorious and Ryan played in the woods and play park whilst we waited for Lottie to finish her dance lesson.  I think Ryan is starting to get fed up of having his picture taken!


We then decided to stay at Cranleigh Golf and Country Club for dinner.  As we ate in the early evening sunshine, we listened to a chorus of bird song and watched buzzards soaring over the greens.



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