Day 9 – A Walk on the Wild Side

On Day 9 of 30 Days Wild I took time to appreciate the ‘Wildness’ on a lunchtime dog walk.


Owning a dog means that we are outside for walks at least three times a day.

However due to the pressure of busy lives it is very easy for these walks to end up as functional 20 minute trots around the block.

I often use walks as a time to catch up on phone calls I have to make or end up lost in my thoughts, lesson plans and to-do lists whirring around my mind.


Today I decided to take the time to really notice the beautiful and wild surroundings in which we are lucky enough to walk.

I packed my lunch and set off with Rosie the Labrador to explore Knowle Park.


Knowle Park is the site of Cranleigh parkrun, and our walk today followed the track through the fields of long grass and wildflowers.

However, unlike the weekly parkrunners, we ambled slowly stopping to observe the wind blowing through the trees and the many varieties of grasses.


Before long we found a tree stump that served as the perfect picnic spot.

Over lunch I watched the clouds roll out to be replaced by brilliant sunshine and listened to the non stop chatter of birds singing overhead.

Eating in front of Rosie also led to some of the best pictures I have ever seen of her!


Taking time out of a busy day to really notice these beautiful surroundings was definitely an act of mindfulness as well as today’s ‘Act of Wildness’.

I felt much more peaceful by the end of our lunchtime walk.  By making the space in a busy day to simply observe nature I was also better able to deal with the rest of the day.


Of course Rosie also enjoyed herself…especially when the chicken sandwiches were out!




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