My Happy List

My Happy List

These are a few of my favourite things…in no particular order. This is my happy list.

  1. making lists
  2. getting lost in a great book
  3. bedtime snuggles with my children
  4. dresses with twirly skirts
  5. long chats with my mum and sisters
  6. almond butter
  7. sunshine
  8. the beach
  9. strong coffee
  10. checked pyjamas (at any time of day or night!)
  11. the colour turquoise
  12. fresh flowers
  13. cakes baked by my awesome sister (nicknamed Auntie Cake)
  14. having a clean house
  15. my Jo Malone perfume (Lime, Basil and Mandarin…mmm!)
  16. log fires (indoors in winter or outside on long summer evenings)
  17. fireworks
  18. live music
  19. dogs (but especially my beloved Rosie)
  20. long walks in the countryside
  21. writing in my journal
  22. giggling with my children, anytime, anywhere
  23. my Rob Ryan prints
  24. blueberries
  25. paddling in streams
  26. champagne bubbles
  27. thunderstorms
  28. big sunglasses
  29. my wedding rings and all the love they signify

What’s on your happy list? I would love to hear from you.

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